Design Bench

Design Bench is a design and engineering consultancy focused on technical development and engineered design for new and existing products.

Engineering design is orientated towards understanding physical world behaviours and performance, material's properties, and manufacturing processes to realise products, structures and systems that can be manufactured to meet the functional demands over a products intended lifetime.
Consider kitchen appliances, electronic instruments, industrial equipment, machinery; aesthetic, complex, precision or robust. Look past a product's form and you'll find a significant engineering content supporting product performance and appeal.

Early in the design process, during the conceptual 'layout', an engineering perspective can recognise and make appropriate allowance for important relationships or physical limits. This assists integration of functional features as they are realised later in the design process. This has two benefits; one is flow and management of the design, the second is product performance against customers expectations and the demands of the working environment.

Our approach is to initially work with you to agree a work scope describing the required objectives, tasks and schedule to achieve your desired outcome. This shared framework maximises development effort and assists in communication and managing aspects that are important.

During the design process experience gained across a wide range of products, industries and processes is combined with 3D modelling to visualise, validate and formalise the necessary detail for manufacture.

With the ability to undertake unique design or integrate of 'off the shelf' components; the focus is on realising your product and its technical documentation needs within any stage of the product development cycle.

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Integrated products or processes | Small mechanism and tolerances | Electronics integration for rugged products | Stress and force analysis | Ergonomic and aesthetic requirements | Machine control systems | Design for Manufacture - precision machining, heavy fabrication, sheet metal, metal casting (incl die cast), and plastics moulding.